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Pyxis´s Cat pants

Cat Pant ´s Galerie


The genius pants for tomcats
to protect against spraying.

Also suitable for spraying cats in
season and sick cats.

Cats can use the cat toilet like before.



These fancy cat pants are developed by me especially for tomcats. They are very easy to adjust (even by a single person). With a weight of only about 20g the cat won’t even notice too much when wearing.

Inside you can just use a normal sanitary napkin. The pants are made out of different cotton fabric and are closed on the cats back with a click lock.

These pants can be used for tomcats which spray without bothering them and without the excrements in the pants. He can use the cat toilet like before!

These cat pants are suitable for spraying cats in season and they will even prevent any mating. Maybe even safer than giving birth control pills.

The cat pants can be used for incontinent, old or sick cats because that way they can carry on with a normal family life.

The fur won’t break and the skin won’t abrade.

The cotton textile is washable with 60°C in any washing machine. They are washed before they are sold so they won’t shrink afterwards.

The can adjust the size exactly to your cat. Fits any cat from 3 to 8 kg weight.

The design will differ from every now and then….

You will need around 4 pants for one cat so you always have spare ones when you have the used in the washing machine!

Good quality does not have to be expensive. I have tried to calculate the costs as low as possible.

One pants for  € 19,90,--  plus shipping costs*   
Four pants for € 65,-- plus shipping costs*

Shipping costs*

Europe / America:     on request

Please let me know the actually weight from the cat and the breed.

If you want to order some sent us an Email to: (,          or click here


Many thanks to Sabine and her cats, for
their active support and extensive testing in developing the "perfect" cat pants.

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